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Termination Kits

Termination Kits

We offer three different Termination Kits

– Basic Fibre Optic Termination Kit: contains the necessary tools for terminations.
– Deluxe Fibre Optic Termination Kit: contains tools required for sheath removal and fusion splicing.
– Fast Connector Termination Kit: contains tools necessary for installation and preparation of coated fibres.


Basic Fibre Optic Kit

The rapidconnect Basic Fibre Optic Termination Kit contains the necessary tools for cable termination. Furthermore, the Termination Kit ensures effortless and clean terminations and contains a soft carry case which is lightweight, compact and keeps all your tools organised

Deluxe Fibre Optic Kit

The rapidconnect Deluxe Fibre Optic Termination Kit contains the tools required for sheath removal and fusion splicing. The Termination Kit offers a range of tools to make fusion splicing quick and easy. Above all else, the Termination Kit comes with a hard carry case, providing extra protection for all your tools

Fast Connector Kit

The rapidconnect Fast Connector Kit includes all the necessary installation tools required for fibre preparation of 250 or 900 micron fibres or 2mm or 3mm coated fibres used for pre-polished connectors. The hard carry case protects the termination tools, subsequently ensuring you are always prepared for any fibre job

The rapidconnect Fibre Optic Termination Kit comes in multiple variants to suit your needs. This specifically allows our customers to amass the equipment and materials they made need to make secure and efficient fibre optic terminations. In effect, simply choose from the various models for the option that best suits your circumstances!

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