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Quick Cleaner Connector Cleaner & Refill Reel

Quick Cleaner Connector Cleaner & Refill Reel

The rapidconnect Quick Cleaner Connector Cleaner & Refill Reel offer a flexible and efficient solution to maintaining the high quality present in Fibre connections between connector end-faces.

High Performance, lightweight and safe to use, it is ideal for many situations!


All rapidconnect cleaning products come in a conveniently packed box. This consequently ensures quick and easy access for all users


The Quick Clean Connector Cleaner leaves no alcohol residue, thus making them highly sought after for in the-field maintenance

High Performance

All types of connectors are compatible with our connector cleaner! Accordingly, this ensures that no unintentional damage will come to your products

At any rate, the rapidconnect Quick Clean Connector Cleaner offers a solution for ensuring that all connectors are safely cleaned, making certain that they are sufficiently polished to avoid any potential contamination. As a result, its highly sought after in the Fibre Optic Industry.

Quick Clean Connector Cleaners offer an easy and convenient solution for the removal of fluxes, dust, lint or oils. Other features of Quick Clean Connector Cleaners include: a lightweight & easy to use design, anti-static resin being utilized, consistent delivery of high quality cleaning performance and much more! Quick Clean Connector Cleaners are something that your network maintenance efforts would undoubtedly benefit from.

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Likewise, check out the official Anderson Corporation YouTube Channel for more Fibre Optic Information!


Likewise, the official Anderson Corporation YouTube Channel is always available to you for more Fibre Optic Information!

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