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Pre-Saturated Cleaning Wipes

The rapidconnect Pre-Saturated Cleaning Wipes are an excellent and convenient solution for the removal of fluxes, dust, lint and oil.

Keeping your Fibre Optic network clean is essential for continued maintenance, ensuring network reliability and high optical quality. 

Product Description
Box of 50 Quick and efficient Highly compatible
All rapidconnect cleaning wipes come in a conveniently packed box. This consequently ensures quick and easy access for all users Cleaning wipes evaporate quickly and leave no alcohol residue, thus making them highly sought after for in the-field maintenance All types of plastics, glasses and metal are compatible with our cleaning wipes! Accordingly, this ensures that no unintentional damage will come to your Fibres

At any rate, rapidconnect Pre-Saturated Cleaning Wipes offer a solution for ensuring that all optical surfaces, lenses, photographic equipment and fibre connections are safely cleaned. This also ensures that they are sufficiently polished to avoid any potential fibre contamination. 

Pre-Saturated Cleaning Wipes offer an easy and convenient solution for the removal of fluxes, dust, lint or oils. Other features of Pre-Saturated Cleaning wipes include: 99.7% Isopropyl alcohol content, compatibility with most other plastics, glasses and metals and easy to access box. rapidconnect Kim wipes, cleaning sticks and Isopropyl Alcohol are also other viable cleaning tools that you fibre network would undoubtedly benefit from!

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