M200 Microscope

  • Fiber inspection.
  • Oblique and Coaxial viewing modes.
  • User friendly timed switch.
Product Description
High Quality Oblique & Coaxial Viewing Mode Timed Switch
The Yamasaki M200 Fiber Optic Microscope has high-quality precision all-glass optics and integrated infra-red safety filter making them the most sought after Fiber Optic Microscopes for use in the field or laboratory. The Yamasaki M200 Fiber Optic Microscope supports both Oblique and Coaxial viewing modes, allowing either a clear view of the fiber core or the surface of the end face, this is critical for ensuring optimal connectivity.  For ease of use, the Yamasaki M200 Fiber Optic Microscope also incorporates a timed switch that illuminates the end face without having to constantly hold in the button.



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