Product Hire


1 day or 1 week – hiring products from Anderson Corporation has now been made easier than ever

We are offering three different product hire kits that come with everything you need to get the job done quickly and efficiently. We have pickup and delivery options available to best suit you.

Products available for hire include: 
Yamasaki Y90 Fusion Splicer and Y17 Cleave Tool Hire 
Yamasaki Y34 Quad OTDR and Launch Cable Hire 
Yamasaki TLU1 and TPU1 with Reference Cable Kit


Yamasaki Y90 Fusion Splicer & Y17 Cleave Tool Yamasaki OTDR and Launch Cable The Yamasaki TPU1, TLU1 Intelligent Laser Source
The Yamasaki Y90 Fusion Splicer is the latest in fibre optic splicing technology. Its smaller and more portable design makes it ideal for use in FTTH applications as well as improving the ease of use. When hiring the Yamasaki Y90 you will also receive the Y17 Diamond Precision Blade Cleave tool The Yamasaki Y34 utilizes a combination of two Multimode wavelengths; 850 and 1300 nanometres and two Singlemode wavelengths; 1310 and 1550 nanometres allowing you to alternate between any of the four wavelengths. When hiring the Yamasaki Y34 you will also receive your choice between our two 100 metre SC-LC OM3 aqua or OS1 Yellow simplex OTDR Launch Cable The Yamasaki TLU1 Intelligent Laser Source and TPU1 Intelligent Power Metre come with your choice of one Reference Cable Kits

The Anderson Yamasaki Product Hire bundle is available for those who need significantly quick and effective machinery. This can be used accordingly in the field for Fibre Optic installation and maintenance. Available for a day or a week hire depending on your needs. Yamasaki at Anderson have got you covered with the Product Hire Bundle!

Be sure to check out the Yamasaki Product Range to find out more!

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