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C505C Media Converter

C505C Media Converter

The Yamasaki C505C/POE Media Converter is the latest in a long line of networking products here at Anderson Corporation. Sporting numerous features such as an extensive temperature operating range, auto negotiation and operating as a stand alone product, the C505C has got you covered in many ways!


Reliable, Stable and Smart

The Yamasaki C505C is composed of the newest design features from Yamasaki. This means it’s functionality and ruggedness will never fail to let you down

Supports Auto Negotiation

This feature allows the media converter to port to a switch, router or other device. This links with it, therefore making the connection process much easier

0C° to 70C° Temperature operating range

An extensive temperature range means that the C505C can operate in many environments. Subsequently this may be cold, hot or humid. As a result, its operational integrity will not be threatened!

The C505C allows users to implement a smart, efficient networking item into their system without problems. Nonetheless Yamasaki have got you and your Fibre Optic Network covered.

The Yamasaki C505C also offers the ability to connect POE devices to other networks. Hence remote locations are reachable which was previously not possible.

Other important features include: Stand alone support, support for Link fault pass through function (LFP) & P.S.E Support based on IEEE802.3af/IEEE802.3 at standard, up to 30Watts per Port.

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