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Bend-Insensitive Fibre Patch Cables

Bend-Insensitive Fibre Patch Cables

rapidconnect Bend-Insensitive Fibre Patch Cables have been designed to allow for tighter bends whilst maintaining low losses.

It is recommended for use around tighter spaces where using a standard Patch Cable may cause higher attenuation.

We offer rapidconnect Bend-Insensitive Fibre Patch Cables with LC, SC, SC Angled or LC Angled Connectors, depending on your requirements!

Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cable Jacket

All rapidconnect Indoor/Outdoor Fibre Optic Cables explicitly contain Super Absorbent Water Blocking Yarns. These yarns rapidly absorb the liquid at the point of damage and swell blocking any further water ingress

Lifetime Warranty

Being a Tight-Buffered Distribution style cable the termination preparation and connection processes are very easy with no overall residual mess

Custom Manufacturing

Ideal for applications that span indoor and outdoor environments, Indoor/Outdoor Cable can eliminate the need for building entryway splice points. Subsequently, this reduces both time and money expended

The rapidconnect Bend-Insensitive Fibre Patch Cables are manufactured with extremely low insertion loss.

This is the quality difference that our rapidconnect Fibre Optic Patch Cables are known for. Furthermore, along with our entire range of rapidconnect products! All of our products are 100% tested and therefore each product has its own unique Tests & Result measurements.

We pride ourselves on going the extra mile to provide you with all the relevant information you may require, along with around the clock support and troubleshooting if you should ever need it! The G657.A2 glass used within these patch cables allows for a bend radius of 7.5mm! With hundreds of specific patch cable lengths/connectors in stock, we are able to provide you with the product you’re looking for as soon as you
need it!

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