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Proposing Fibre‐to‐the‐Basement


There has been discussion about fibre to the basement technology, which represents a cost effective alternative as opposed to fibre-­‐to-­‐the-­‐home. NBN Co is aiming to connect shopping arcades and apartments to the broadband network, as it indicates that it can save approximately $800 million from the total project cost. In this case, fibre optic cabling will be connected to the basement of an apartment building, and then existing copper wiring within the building will be utilised to deliver the new broadband.

Also, another upside is the comparatively short time in which it takes to complete the network. Aside from the inherent cost savings, it is expected to be substantively easier to install fibre optic cables to centrally located areas as opposed to overhauling and uprooting the existing copper wires inside the buildings. NBN is planning to test the plan to several different homes and businesses with different structures to evaluate its effectiveness. Despite the inherent time and cost advantages, it is a debatable issue as it again constrains the speed performance of users residing in these areas. With the trend of higher density living and growth of urban areas, providing fibre connection in these areas bode well for residents.

TPG Telecom also have announced plans to provide half a million apartments speeds that rival NBN, through fibre optic cabling which will be installed to their basements. Under the company’s plan, it will cater to metropolitan areas in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. Under TPG’s proposed plan, users will be able to pay $69.99 a month. At this rate, this price point comes at a lower range than that proposed by NBN, further fuelling speculation whether NBN’s construction network will remain viable.

Urban areas with high population represent strong revenue streams for enterprises, as it signifies the deployment cost is smaller per household connection. However, this business case is weaker in remote rural areas where deployment costs rise substantively. This can then lead to a digital divide where some households are not able to use the same range of broadband connections, primarily due to the area they are residing in. Regardless of the outcome, the availability of more options can be viewed as a boost for fibre technology.

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In Need of the Fastest Network


Ultra-fast broadband network can serve as an anchor for Australia and its economy, as it moves to build its non-­‐mining sector. It is a cornerstone for the prosperity of our country, as it can open doors for future generations moving forward. It will enable enterprises and consumers to interact and exchange information, and effectively alter the way we do business.

Borderless Age
In this digital age characterised by rapid growth, we need to be competitive on a global stage, which inherently indicates the need of having first class communication networks to be able to compete with other countries. The broadband network will act to spur technological innovation that will greatly enhance the prosperity of our kids and grandkids.

Just to illustrate, online shopping has been unheard of a decade ago. Fast-­‐ forward a decade later, it is transforming the retail sector as more consumers increasingly gravitate online making it difficult for local businesses to compete with multinational companies with an online sales presence. Whether we like it or not, the rate of technological change is positioned to pervade our daily lives and we need to invest in our ability to compete, which is central in having the best network infrastructure possible.

Imperative Change
Easier broadband access is expected to deliver greater innovation by helping ideas and knowledge spread more quickly. It will prompt greater collaboration between companies and universities, which can usher in the development of new applications and technologies. It will enhance the prospects for small businesses to access new markets and exploit new business opportunities. Also, it has the potential to provide better quality of education for our future generations, as teachers can engage with students through video conferencing.

The benefits abound, and the potential is limitless. It is projected to usher in change, but one in which we need to embrace for us to progress or run the risk of being left behind.

MPO Ribbon Fibre Patch Cables

Data Centres have been a hot topic of late and when you think of data centres, you tend to think about MPO. It’s been over a year now since we first spoke about Multi Push-On (MPO) cabling systems and they have only become more popular. As the name suggests, MPO cabling provides multi-fibre cores in a single connector. This is perfect for high-density applications. Typically, Ribbon Fibre cables have 12 fibres. MPO Cables can be used to break out to other connectors such as SC & LC reducing the need for adaptors.

XO1 fibrePulse OTDR


The Yamasaki XO1 fibrePulse Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) is an essential part of any professional fibre optic tool set. With a 32dB dynamic range for both 1310nm and 1550nm wavelengths and an integrated VFI the XO1 fibrePulse allows the user to certify fibre installations and locate faults in single-mode fibre optic networks end to end.

Featuring a rugged, light weight, dust proof and shock tested shell The XO1 fibrePulse can send pulses down fibre optic networks from one end of the fibre, displaying a trace and reporting all detected events such as splices, connectors, macrobends and fibre ends and breaks, which can all be downloaded via USB connection to a computer with the included reporting software.

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