Fibre Optic Cabling

The way of the future takes a step closer everyday. Its not hard to imagine in a few years time every home in Australia will have some form of fibre optic connectivity.

Why fibre optic cabling? Cost efficient, secure, easy to handle and most of all, the technology is easily upgradable in the future.  The NBNCO has a terrific website where you can see, exactly at  what stage your specific home or business is at ….. NBNCO Rollout Australia Wide …. see their site – “Register with us and we’ll be in touch when you’re able to connect to the nbn™ network.” All you have to do is, simply plug in your address and you get all the updates. If you “register” they will even keep you informed of the latest rollouts in your area.

fibre optic cabling rollout

Why do you need the updates? Good question – fibre optic cabling today is at such competitive prices every Australian would be stark raving mad to not get in the queue. Put it this way … its tantamount to being the last person in your suburb to own a TV or a computer or dare I say it a car. The internet speeds are so much faster its going to make ADSL look like a pigeon flying round in circles.

Now we are talking about circles, the government has done a very good job in the last 12 months talking around in circles. However, one thing is very, very clear – every major telco, fibre optic installer and professional computer technicians are already …. SOLD. Yip sold to the advantages of …. cheaply installing a few small cables that will profoundly change and possibly save your life. Jump on the site register today – should you need any fibre optic cabling – free free to contact us for some prices.

They say the “devil is normally in the detail”. However, you will have a central node some where in your suburb or location – then your installer will patch your location to the node and run cable to a central point inside your home. Bingo you are done. Simple, safe, quick and efficient. Then your inside NBN compatible router will do the rest. No devil there!