Loose Tube Fibre Optic Cable

Our small-sized, waterproof RapidConnect range of fibre optic loose tube cables saves you space, time and money. It’s easier to install and you can increase the number of fibres in a duct, lower the number of ducts needed or extend the life of existing ducts. Plus, the strong, still smooth, polyethylene/nylon sheath protects against termites and reduces friction.



Anderson’s RapidConnect range of Fibre Optic Loose Tube Cables are a significant advancement in the technology of Loose Tube Cable manufacture. Using state of the art manufacturing technology and control, we have engineered down the size of our cables to levels well below tradition cable design. This reduction in size offers many benefits for both installers and network owners.

Room for more

Reduced diameter, smaller cable cross-section, high fibre density.

Increased duct utilisation

Enables increased duct utilisation compared with conventional loose tube cable.

Longer lengths

Longer lengths on any given drum, lowering installation costs by maximising run lengths, minimising jointing and reducing network power loss.

Composite outer sheath

Manufactured with a composite outer sheath comprising of a polyethylene layer with a bonded outer Nylon jacket.

Termite attack protection

Outer Nylon jacket provides protection against termite attack and reduced friction between the cable and duct during hauling, allowing longer lengths to be installed at a given tension.

Non-wrinkling nylon

The bonded sheath technology enables a thinner Nylon jacket. This keeps the cable small, light-weight and flexible and prevents the Nylon wrinkling when the cable is bent thus preserving the termite protection.

Dry water blocking

Internal dry water blocking technology to prevent water migration in the event of a breach in the sheath.

Fibre counts

Available in fibre counts from 2 to 624.

A trusted solution

The loose tube cable of choice for many Telco’s and contractors in Australia.

What You Get?

On October the 17th 1988, Managing Director Philip Anderson opened the doors for business not knowing that 27 years later his company would be one of the leaders in the Australian Fibre Optic industry.

Proudly Australian Owned, Anderson Corporation stands high as the oldest Australian owned Fibre Optic company. An achievement that is thanks to Anderson’s loyal customers that still today continue to be the reason we have grown into the business we are.

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